Come along as we practice embracing life together.

Welcome to my internet table!

Settle into an easy chair and let’s share what is on life's carte du jour.

Pondering Friend to Friend

  • Does life sometimes leave you scratching your head?
  • ... Or wanting to laugh, dance, cry, hide, or scream?
  • Has "figuring out life and faith" become like herding cats?

Let's be curious together! Visit Pondering Friend to Friend

The Friends' Travel Adventures

  • Do you want to see the world?
  • ... And/or see the USA?
  • Do you enjoy traveling vicariously?

Let's journey together! Visit The Friend's Travel Adventures

Traveling Ice Cream Enthusiasts

  • Do you love all things ice cream?
  • Are you interested in traveling ice cream trails?
  • Do you want to make homemade ice cream creations?

Let's be foodies together! Visit Traveling Ice Cream Enthusiasts

Aunt Kitten

    • Do you love children's picture books?
    • Are you looking for ways to champion a child's uniqueness?
    • Do you enjoy rhyming books with watercolor illustrations?

    Let's encourage children together! Visit Aunt Kitten

    My Memoir

      • Do you wonder if your story might be similar to mine?
      • Have you found the "Golden Thread" that runs through your life?
      • Do you want to follow along as I remember my life year-by-year and search for my own "Golden Thread?"

      Let's be curious about our Golden Thread together! Visit My Memoir

      A Double Scoop of Refreshment and Curiosity with a Friend

        A mid-month overview of what we've been curious about and where we found refreshment.

        We chat about ponderings, ice cream, travels, memories, and Aunt Kitten picture books.

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