Meet Kristin:

Kristin Emily Friend is an author and watercolor illustrator. She spreads love and encouragement to children, and those who care for them, through art and casual, conversational-style writing. Kristin is Aunt Kitten to her great-nieces and nephews who have nicknames, too. They were the star characters in her first picture book, celebrating each child's unique personality, interests, and talents. Thus, the Aunt Kitten series was born.

A storyteller, Kristin enjoys inviting others to join her as she ponders life and faith, vicariously takes you along on travels, and shares her obsession with ice cream. Married to Gregg for over thirty years, they share a passion for life through exploring nature, deep conversations, time with family, reading cozy mysteries, and experiencing God’s creation, cultures, and cuisine through travel. They reside in Jacksonville, Florida with their twin countertop ice cream machines.